You’ll see lots of familiar faces this year along with some new faces of  women we are excited to introduce to the Bountiful Goddess line-up! We are truly so blessed to be able to gather with a group of  women who carry such wisdom and passion to share. Here you will find a list of Workshops and the talented women running them.  Please click on the facilitator’s name to find out more about them and the workshop(s) they are running.  We know there are some of you anxiously waiting with your highlighter, you know who you are…however, there is no need to pick your workshops before registering for the actual weekend. Allow the energy of the weekend and your hearts desire to call you to the workshop that you need in the moment on the day of, after all, you may choose to simply hang out in the Hammock Village or relax on the beach! Scroll to the bottom for the workshop schedule link.

*All workshops are 90 minutes.

Ecstatic Dance w/ Susan Meehan

Crystal Bowl Bliss w/ Nicole Balogh

Kundalini Yoga and The Gong w/ Jen Pinter

Naturally Balancing Female Hormones as We Age w/ Reina Persaud

Mindfulness; A Path to the “I” of the Storm w/ Michele Barnes

Self Defense – From Vigilant to Vibrant w/ Trae Robinson

Elemental Drumming w/ Sheila Horrell

Understanding Ayurveda and the Chakras w/ Reina Persaud

The Inner Art of Meditation w/ Nicole Balogh

Crystals 101 w/ Jen Pinter

Cultivating Pleasure w/ Trae Robinson

Journaling w/ Alison Dale

Cannabis 101 w/ Andrea Meharg

Ganja Yoga w/ Andrea Zapf

The Red Tent w/ Suzanne Grigg

stay tuned…more to come!

Evening Entertainment;

The Dreamscape; A live sound journey

Early Morning Quickies (45 min.);

Gong Bath w/ Jen Pinter

Workshops and Facilitators subject to change without notice

Stay tuned to the FB event page for the workshop schedule. It will be posted closer to the event.