Womb Wellness through Vaginal Steaming
The ancient practice of steaming with herbal water provides effective support for many of the pelvic health challenges that women face today. Vaginal steaming also aids in healing and bringing relief to other common physical discomforts, as well as the varied emotional landscape that women manage throughout their lives. This is a full body healing that feels oh so good, has many, many benefits, and costs very little to maintain.

Menstrual Relief for:

– cramps
– heavy flow
– brown blood
– endometriosis
– tender breasts

Physical Relief for:

– night sweats/hot flashes
– UTI, yeast infection and BV
– bloating
– constipation & hemorrhoids
– fertility issues
– painful intercourse

Emotional Relief for:

– anxiety and nervousness
– sleep challenges
– trauma and PTSD
– stress
– low libido
At Nourished Woman we look forward to working with you and your unique situation to create a personalized protocol, and appropriate herbal blend. We take care to support you as you heal your symptoms based on your priorities, time available, and comfort. Steaming is an empowering healing modality that gives you enormous insight into your own body systems and allows for you to become preventative and learn how to effectively keep your pelvic health in balance and wellness. We are always happy to hear from you at nwsteam@gmail.com and to take a look at our purchase options, you can find our little shop on Etsy at TheNourishedWoman