We offer 7 Vaginal Steaming Blends to choose from. Each blend targets a specific issues you may wish to address. To get started, simply follow the link to fill out an intake form. We will make sure you have the right blend to achieve your personal steaming goals. Our intake form will allow us to give you the information regarding not only which blend is right for you, but also when you should steam, how long you should steam and how frequently you should steam. *click here to go to the form*

We offer free individual assessment with the purchase of The Nourished Woman Steaming Herbal Blends.

15 Steam Bag $55

Visit our Etsy Shop to purchase a Steam Box and Herbal Blends or by appointment at the Shanti Yoga Studio located in London, Ontario

Which one do you think suits you!!??

Nourished Woman Vaginal Steaming