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We love steaming on our Nourished Woman Steam Box. In fact we love it so much it has become our mission to introduce this amazing opportunity to everyone. There are many ways to steam, for example on a clean and drained toilet, squatting over a pot, a hole cut in a wooden chair, a portable toilet or a box. We have tried all of these methods to save you the hassle, ultimately we find the easiest way is with a Steam Box. We have tried several types of boxes and prototypes.

The Nourished Woman Steam Box is the result of all our favorite things found in one fabulous creation. You’re not going to be sorry! This box is Canadian made with the finest attention to detail! The lid hinges and with a bottom it is easy to store and carry all your supplies when not in use. For those that need a longer steam we have a box that easily fits a burner (not included). The burner dial is easily accessible from the front so that you don’t need to get up mid steam in order to adjust the temperature.

The box costs $211(does not include burner, pot or herbs) and is available for purchase in our Etsy store or at the Shanti Yoga Studio by appointment

Nourished Woman Steam Box

The Nourished Woman has 7 different Herbal Blends to target the various issues and symptoms that women often complain about in regard to their monthly cycle, fertility issues, pre and post menopause. Our blends can be found here; Nourished Woman Herbal Blends

Vaginal Steaming Herbs

Choosing a vessel or pot;

The vessel or pot you use is completely up to you. If you do not have one similar to the picture you can use anything that will retain heat and fit inside the box. Be sure to warm the vessel you are using before adding the prepared steeped herbs and water in order to retain the heat if you are not using a burner.Vaginal Steaming Box

We are based out of London and Strathroy, Ontario, Canada and can ship boxes and herbs right to you! Contact us for shipping prices.