Welcome and thank you for investing in this powerful tool for the health of your womanhood! We are grateful to be part of this incredible journey with you! Please note that all information you submit is strictly confidential. Should we use your info in a case study, your name will not be published. We understand that there are some things that may be emotionally difficult to talk about and we want you to feel completely confident that we are here to offer loving kindness and support.

Before we start, please note that we offer some options for purchase. Items are available individually, and also grouped in packages for great savings. All purchases can be made in our Etsy store.

Consultation and continued support:  The Individual Consultation and continued personal online support is a wonderful tool to fine tune your Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy exactly to your current needs. This will give you the most accurate and effective protocol for your priorities and convenience. The support will be online via confidential email.

Consultation and support WITH herbs for 15 steams: The Individual Consultation will identify the very best herbal blend for your target goals. This combo purchase saves you money and ensures you get exactly what you need.

Consultation and support, bag of 15 steams AND pine yoni steam box: This is our best deal! We think it’s the perfect combo for getting the very best out of your Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy. This will ensure the correct herbs, detailed steam plan unique to you, and our fabulous Canadian Made pine Yoni Steam Box.

***Intake form will be reviewed only after payment is received and you can expect to receive your detailed personal protocol within 1-3 business days.***