Trae (Tracy Robinson) studies martial arts at The Bindner Academy with Sensai Derek Bindner, and she has earned a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. She has experienced the benefits of martial arts training beyond the mat, and she has passed along these principles of embodiment to her two teenage daughters as they prepare to leave home for the first time. Trae has an MSc in Health Promotion and years of experience hosting women’s circles. She facilitates the reunion between sexuality and the sacred because creator and creation belong together.


Self Defense; From Vigilant to Vibrant As women we learn that being open, sexually alive, and vibrant can be dangerous. How can we live open-hearted in a predatory world? This interactive workshop explores 360 degree awareness, target vs. victim, core strength, and self-defense strategies. It is grounded in eastern martial arts and feminine intuition to help you feel more confident and “at home” anywhere.

Cultivating Pleasure – Red tent imagines a space where women claim pleasure as a birthright, free of shame and supported in the intimate fluidity of sisterhood. Breath, movement and awareness move us into this place of possibility where we can use our creative sexual energy to fuel our life. This workshop includes body painting, practices of giving and receiving, and instruction in orgasmic meditation.