We love getting feedback and thought we would share some with you.  Here is what some women had to say about Nourished Woman Retreats…

“This was my first NW retreat and I absolutely loved it! What a wonderful gift to myself to be nourished and in the company of 100 women! I thank you both for creating such a beautiful space and opportunities for growth, discovery and connection.” – Brette

“Wonderful, relaxing weekend experience! Loved every minute of it from beginning to end! I tried things I always wanted to do but never had the courage to try. Very enlightening, encouraging, accepting and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you!” – Bonnie

“The Saturday night Dreaming session was amazing – very relaxing and meditative.” – Eloise

“I LOVED THIS RETREAT. and again…Shannon and Terri your energy is fab. Wonderful women here.” – Sue Jean

“The camp, beach, grounds are excellent. Lovely walks. Everything was so professionally organized, yet loose. Lovely sense of community. Thanks so much!” – Anonymous

“I will be returning in years to come. I love the experience and energies of the weekend and leave my soul sisters feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.” – Darlene

“Absolutely wonderful, informative, and relaxing.” – Mary

“Wonderful weekend! So grateful to be here and be part of it. I am feeling NOURISHED!!” – Christine

“This weekend was a very emotional & self loving weekend. Loved every moment.” – Cindy

“This year was awesome! What a magical, mystical group of women!” – Jen

“Totally awesome! Will definitely be back!” – Anonymous

“The Dreaming made me feel like a child being tucked into bed safe and sound, by someone who really cared.” – Karen

“I am thrilled to have found a group of women such as this. Coming back!” – Anonymous

“The workshops were spaced out perfectly. There was lots of time between to relax as well. I love every minute of it. Thank you so much!” – Ursula

“This was the most informative weekend! I’m already planning my next years visit. I love the variety of workshops, I wish I could go to all of them. I will return back to work feeling very rejuvenated and relaxed with a new appreciation for life and the power of She! – D.W.

“Relax, Rejuvenate, Let Go, Be Free and Nourish Yourself. This is what happens when you attend the weekend building sisterhood!” – Sande

“Terri & Shannon have created a welcoming community at these Nourished Woman Retreats. Their attention to detail & concern for everyone’s comfort and well-being is exceptional.” – Sophie

“The Dreaming – Live Sound Journey was absolutely joyful. This weekend was an experience that is life changing.” – Michele

“A lot of effort and loving intention was clearly put into creating this weekend. I felt revived and transformed. Thank you for the privilege of participating!!” -Michele

“Facilitators were so talented, skilled, excellent presenters.  It was difficult to decide what workshops to attend.  The Opening Ceremony was spectacular!”  -Marilyn

“The weekend was amazing, blissful and powerful. My heart is full. Sat Nam.” -Casey O.

“The Nourished Woman – Bountiful Goddess Retreat lives up to it’s name. A weekend of nourishing your mind, body, soul and spirit.  Nestled among the trees you can’t help but feel closer and grounded to Mother Earth.  The workshops are incredible and feed your soul. Music, dance, community, laughter, love and pure feminine power. Loved the food!” -S.I.

“Loved how we all embraced the messy hair, no make up look and no one was judged.” -Anonymous

“So many great workshops to choose from. I had a fabulous rejuvenating weekend.” – Shirley

“Wonderful! I left home not wanting to come. Our last year has been so hard with my husband & daughter. The last 3 months have been even harder. So to come here…I left my heart at home BUT…once I landed, I landed!!  Soooo happy to be here. Soooo happy to have been a part of it ALL. Thank you Thank you for inviting me. Wonderful to meet you both, you guys are fabulous!!!” -Christine

“This was my first women’s retreat but definitely not my last. The entire experience surpassed my expectations.  Welcoming, warm, loving, nurturing, enlightening & powerful. Thank you thank you! -Lynda S.

“I Thank You both Shannon and Terri for a fantastic weekend! More than loved it! -Brenda

“Bountiful Goddess Retreat 2016 was a delightful experience that included outstanding hospitality, gifted practitioners that shared their gifts of knowledge, healing, grace and restorative balance.  If you are looking for an amazing getaway in beautiful surroundings supported by a unique group of women – JOIN! It is a gift to yourself, for yourself.  You will not be the same!” -Anita

“A beautiful weekend connecting, educating and expressing with women!” -Shannon

“An absolutely beautiful & awesome weekend – workshops, wild women, the unexpected little gifts and inspiring statements throughout. Thank you Shannon & Terri!!” -Anonymous

“Would have loved to attend other workshops offered simultaneously.  Will definitely have to return to attend them all!” -Anonymous

“A beautiful, heart centered weekend. The organizers created a strong sense of community, grace and joy. I will be back! Thank you!! -Rachel

“The entire weekend was not only informative, but amazingly refreshing and fun. Thank you!” -Beth

“Loved the whole weekend….wouldn’t change a thing! Just wish I could have done more.” -Anonymous

“This weekend was amazing!! I have learned so much and met some incredible people!! I can’t wait for the next retreat.” -Stephanie

“Wonderful to see many unique & beautiful Goddesses gather and enjoy themselves for a weekend. Very Powerful!” -Anonymous