terriwithwordsI started yoga when I was a teenager and that is when I realized just how inflexible I was.  My yoga at that point was very surface oriented and it wasn’t until several sessions in and after my body let go of some of the holding that the internal and mental aspects of yoga began to shed it’s light to me.
At the age of 28 I came to a huge crossroad in my life.  I was coming out of a long relationship that ended badly, had no job, no home, and had moved back in with my mom.  I had no idea what I was going to do and that is when I decided to take my Yoga Teacher Training with the hopes of deepening my practice and maybe finding some answers to direct me in the right direction.  I hoped on a plane and went to the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica for a month long intensive training.
What a transformational experience!!  Although my intention hadn’t been to teach yoga, that is all I could think about doing.  I came home feeling the best I have ever felt spiritually, mentally and physically.  I cleared out the furniture in my moms front living room and sent out some flyers in the town I lived in in hopes of getting enough people to start one class.  To my amazement I got enough response to start three classes!!  From there it has blossomed into my own home studio and all with very little effort, it is my true path and I feel blessed to be able to help others on their path!
My personal yoga journey continues to shift and flow as I move through this life, always continuing to learn, explore and grow.


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