suzanne grigg


Suzanne’s teaching career has spanned more than 40 years as a high school physical education teacher, a fitness professional, a dance teacher, a yoga instructor, a personal trainer, a reiki practitioner, a drum circle facilitator, a mother, a good friend, a grandmother….a full and wonder-full life. With this comes gratitude and an eagerness to share.


Walk the Vertical Labyrinth; A Soul Deep Journey

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of doing a pilgrimage, but the logistics of it seem too challenging. Join Suzanne in this journey of the labyrinth, an ancient tool of introspection. We will begin with a meditation: the reason you will walk, what you will bring with you and what you will leave behind, what you will wear for the journey to be comfortable. Water and nourishment will be provided along the way, so travel light. Of course, bring your journal and prepare to open to the beauty of a pilgrimage and the beauty of you. This workshop will have a portion in an unheated building, dress appropriately.

Awaken the Day – Early Morning 

A lovely way to start the day, gently moving the body, breathing deeply, bringing awareness to the possibilities of YOU, THE DAY, THIS PLACE, THESE PEOPLE- all good reasons to rejoice. Bring your yoga mat and whatever you need for your comfort. Jammies are acceptable wear.  Meet you on the mat!