suzanne grigg

Suzanne’s teaching career has spanned more than 40 years as a high school physical education teacher, a fitness professional, a dance teacher, a yoga instructor, a personal trainer, a reiki practitioner, a drum circle facilitator, a mother, a good friend, a grandmother….a full and wonder-full life. With this comes gratitude and an eagerness to share.


Cleansing and Clearing – In this workshop, we will consider some of the practices used world-wide to clear energy, to create sacred space and to heal living beings or situations on a physical or on a spiritual level. We’ll discuss ideas for creating a space for you that feels energetically good to be in. There will be a hands-on component with the creation of herbal wands, using previously gathered plant material. These can be dried and later burned in cleansing rituals.

Explore the Labyrinth – Learn the history of Labyrinths and how we can use them in our own meditation practices. There will be some preparation to bring some depth to the practice, some journaling and then, you will be turned loose to experience the very beautiful Labyrinth here at Camp Kintail.