Sophie Hawkins is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner who has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over 30 years. She is a trained Thai Massage Therapist who also holds a Masters in Education (Counseling Psychology). Sophie has 20 years experience in health care, providing support to trauma survivors, psychiatric survivors and people living on the street.

Sophie has studied Thai Massage with several master teachers over the last ten years. Her initial 300 hour training was completed at Thai Massage Toronto with master teacher Deanna Villa. She has also trained in Chicago with Chuck Duff, and Ishtak Helman while in India. She has also studied the Hesch Method of osteopathic realignment. She received her Ayurvedic Practitioners training from the Gerson Institute in New York and continues her study through online training with Dr. Hebbar in India.

Sophie’s approach to Yoga/Meditation and Thai Massage derives from the spiritual traditions of both East and West and her deep and varied training and experiences. In the past decade she has worked closely with an Ayurvedic doctor, providing Ayurvedic counselling during treatment sessions and workshops. She currently works out of her home studio in London, Ontario.


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Ayurveda for Women : Keeping young and healthy with 5000 year old secrets from India

Come and learn a simple tool to help you maintain beauty and balance throughout all the stages of your life. Learn how to safe guard your bones, teeth, hair and skin while enhancing your health and well being. Save money and avoid toxic chemicals with simple home beauty treatments. Take home some simple tasty recipes, because Ayurvedic medicine is all about the food! It is said that “If diet is good, then there is no need for medicine. If diet is not good, medicine is of no use.”  and if “You wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.”

Breathwork for Manifesting Your Desires:

Just notice, right now, if your tongue is pressed against your teeth or against the upper palate of your mouth. If so, you have a pattern of breathing that is detrimental to your health and is also keeping you from achieving your highest potential. Almost 99% of all the people that I see for Massage and Yoga/Meditation are breathing in a way that keeps the body in fight or flight mode 24/7. It’s an epidemic in our culture that has serious consequences to our health, our ability to be calm and focused, and to create peace in the world.

Experience the bliss of an embodied breath that is essential for reaching your highest potential as a fully realized spiritual being. Get out of your head and into your body through proper diaphragmatic breathing accompanied by specific cues to assist you in opening your chakras. Invite your conscious awareness to explore the sensations of an unconstricted breath in this workshop with Breathing Meditation expert Sophie Hawkins.