Sheila Horrell has been drumming for the last 25 years, ever since being introduced to the primal magic of the drum by master percussionist Ubaka Hill.

After studying percussion with various drummers here and internationally, she has been facilitating workshops and Drum Circles for many groups  in Southwestern Ontario, including schools, universities, camps, nursing homes, conferences and agencies.

The experience of introducing new drummers to the ease and joy of music making with the drum has been a prime motivator for Sheila’s continued success.  There is nothing like witnessing someone relaxing into their own rhythm and having fun contributing to the music of the whole drumming community.


Relax into Your Rhythm; Intro to Djembe Drumming – Drum Circles are an exciting and low-risk way to create community through the power of rhythm.  Sharing the beat in a circle, whether you are a beginner or an experienced drummer, allows you to relax into the music, find your own voice and help build the group song.  Every time is new and exciting, depending on the contributions of each person.