Yoga shanselfiewithwhitefound me, it truly did. I wasn’t seeking something to help me calm my mind, or tune into my deepest self. I was looking to keep the strength and flexibility I had acquired through years of competitive synchronized swimming! I arrived at my first class when I was 23, and I was completely amazed by what transpired. After a lovely class with an amazing instructor I headed out to my car. I sat in the drivers seat and let out a big breath, pondering the previous hour and a half, and suddenly, unbidden, came a flood of tears and emotion. I rested my forehead on my steering wheel and wept. It was such a release, such a relief, a whole new world opened up to me that evening, I saw behind the curtain of coping that I had been using to get through the challenges I was facing. I remember that moment, more than twenty years ago like it was yesterday. From that moment on I was a changed person.

My yoga journey has altered throughout my life. I have had more time for it, less time for it, learned what happens when I don’t MAKE time for it. Now that my children are older and I have more time to focus on myself and a clearer lens on what I really need in order to feel good from the inside out, I make a point of getting on my mat every single day. That’s where I’m at right NOW, but who knows what my yoga journey will look like as time passes. That is the beauty of listening to the body, at any given time, you can really hear what you need, and that can be as different as the days.

I look forward to sharing the amazing gift of this soul enhancing practice.



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