Nourished Woman RetreatsShannon and Terri are at the heart of the Nourished Woman team. The amazing reality is that each and every woman with whom we connect contributes her own unique and personal swirl of energy into this incredible journey. All of our life experiences, continuing education, and personal passions and callings have been brought into play by this project that stirs our souls to action. We are so inspired to facilitate the opportunities for women to tune into their HeartSong, to listen to that quiet voice within that always whispers the truth, but is often ignored or overpowered by insecurities or simply by the busy lives we lead. A Nourished Woman is a woman who lives her life fully and with great depth and satisfaction. Join us on the journey of Nourishment and become the most authentic and satisfied you!


Soul, Psoas & Sensuality; Tools for bringing vitality to your vessel –

Often times when women are faced with situations that are emotionally challenging, they need to pause those emotions, and deal with the decisions that need to made in the moment. This holding can lodge in the pelvic bowl causing a crease of energy of sorts, something that blocks the flow of energy. Stagnating energy is often the cause behind common symptoms such as fibroids, menstrual cramps, bloat, PMS, constipation, and many other pelvic and body discomforts.
Join Shannon and Terri as they take you on a guided tour of the energetic terrain within the sacral chakra and the psoas tissue. By cultivating an inner awareness, we tap into our body language. As women, throughout our entire lives we cycle, even when we’re no longer bleeding. Each month our body gives us hints and requests in the form of things such as bloating, tender breasts, constipation, menstrual discomforts, the list goes on. It’s so empowering to discover the unique language of the pelvic bowl, and how in the privacy of our own homes, we can bring ease to and even eliminate many common womanly discomforts. From Jade Eggs to menstrual cups, the delightful variety of kinds of orgasms, to vaginal steaming and it’s wonderful benefits in so many areas, this is a woman-chat you won’t want to miss!