Nourished Woman RetreatsShannon and Terri are at the heart of the Nourished Woman team. The amazing reality is that each and every woman with whom we connect contributes her own unique and personal swirl of energy into this incredible journey. All of our life experiences, continuing education, and personal passions and callings have been brought into play by this project that stirs our souls to action. We are so inspired to facilitate the opportunities for women to tune into their HeartSong, to listen to that quiet voice within that always whispers the truth, but is often ignored or overpowered by insecurities or simply by the busy lives we lead. A Nourished Woman is a woman who lives her life fully and with great depth and satisfaction. Join us on the journey of Nourishment and become the most authentic and satisfied you!


Yoni Steaming; the Past, the Present, the Future- Join Shannon and Terri as we explore the ancient art of vaginal steaming. *this is an informative workshop and we will not BE steaming at it*

All over the world, our great great grandmothers shared this wisdom of self care. With the advent of men taking over the care of women’s intimate health, we lost many effective and healing modalities. The Yoni steam is coming back and with it comes comfort, health, independence and not only physical benefits but immense emotional benefits as well. From PMS, fibroids, incontinence, fertility issues, etc. steaming can help! We are treating the root of the challenges that women face, and not simply minimizing the symptoms. We have been blown away by the amazing success our clients have been experiencing, and we would love to share how you can enjoy the same kind of comfort and inner radiance.

In this workshop we will cover exactly how steaming works. We will discuss the many ways we have lost our inner connections to our feminine depths and how this simple but profound practice can help our women’s wisdom to re-emerge and take its rightful place in our monthly rituals. Yoni Steaming benefits women in ALL stage of life!