Nourished Woman RetreatsShannon and Terri are at the heart of the Nourished Woman team. The amazing reality is that each and every woman with whom we connect contributes her own unique and personal swirl of energy into this incredible journey. All of our life experiences, continuing education, and personal passions and callings have been brought into play by this project that stirs our souls to action. We are so inspired to facilitate the opportunities for women to tune into their HeartSong, to listen to that quiet voice within that always whispers the truth, but is often ignored or overpowered by insecurities or simply by the busy lives we lead. A Nourished Woman is a woman who lives her life fully and with great depth and satisfaction. Join us on the journey of Nourishment and become the most authentic and satisfied you!


Embark. Embrace. Embody. – Learn to decipher the language of the Sacred Feminine. Embark on the journey as you become Fluent with your body dialogue. Embrace the vessel and discover the wisdom that resides in the energy centre of your pelvic bowl. Embody the Goddess within, and tune in to the inherent rhythm that resonates with in ALL women, throughout EVERY stage and situation of our lives. Join us and bring the roots of Ancient Wisdom to your daily life, the body talks, we need only listen.