Feel free to print this page for future reference

Thank you for submitting your Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy Intake Form.  We are excited to be on this journey with you. We will be in touch shortly with a protocol just for you.  Please feel free at anytime to contact us with any questions or concerns at nwsteaminfo@gmail.com.  We try our best to respond in a timely manner. Please note that Intake forms are only processed upon receiving payment. If you are not sure which items or package is best for you please contact us and we can direct you for the best steaming results.

PLEASE add nwsteaminfo@gmail.com to your contact list to be sure future correspondence does not end up in your junk/spam folders. If you have a yahoo email address we ask that you kindly follow up to let us know that you have submitted the form.

Some helpful tips for your Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy;

  • Find a place and time you won’t be disturbed and set the mood, light some candles, turn on some musics, grab some of your favorite crystals etc…
  • Might be helpful that have pen and paper to journal should something arise that calls you to write or you wish to record your experiences
  • Have  a book or some affirmations handy
  • Have a glass of water at your side
  • Leave your phone and electronics behind,
  • Have a hand towel or cloth handy for after steam
  • It might feel nice to lie in bed after with your calves lifted on pillows, set this up ahead of time
  • Always trust your instincts, some days your body will want a shorter steam, some days a longer steam, and some days no steam at all. Our bodies are dynamic and the key to optimal health is paying attention to our own rhythms and sensations. The more you trust and listen to your body the more in tune you will become.
  • Never re-use the herbs for multiple reasons (hygiene, potency of herbs etc.)
  • Remember to test the temperature before you sit to avoid a chance of burning yourself
  • If you have had heavy spontaneous bleeding mid-cycle within the last three months it is not recommend to do a vaginal steam
  • Most importantly remember that you are gifting yourself this time to nourish and reconnect with your power that is SHE.

Please note : This is not medical advice.

Western Medicine hasn’t fully embraced Vaginal Steaming. Although it has been practised for centuries, there simply isn’t a lot of information available in the western world. If you are unsure if steaming is right for you we suggest you talk to your Naturopathic Doctor.

We recommend that you DO NOT steam if any of the following apply to you;
You are pregnant.
If you are trying to get pregnant you should not steam during or after ovulation.
If you have an IUD, ring, or a coil.
During menstruation.
If you have had heavy spontaneous bleeding mid-cycle, or flooding within the last three months it is not recommend to do a vaginal steam.
It is not recommended to steam immediately after waxing or laser hair removal. We recommend waiting 4 days after waxing and 2 weeks after laser hair removal.
Please note that piercings will need to be removed to avoid burns.
Steaming should not be done when the body is fighting and illness such as the flu or any other fevered condition.
You should stop your steam if you feel any of the following; generally unwell, light headed, dizzy, nauseous, intense headache, short of breath or if your body tells you so. Always trust your instincts.
If you are still unsure we suggest you speak to your GP or doctor.