michelecropMichele Barnes has been on a journey of self-discovery and asking difficult questions ever since she was a young girl…much to the chagrin of many authority figures.

Michele is passionate about living authentically and honouring the self as an extension of the Earth and a manifestation of the Divine Feminine.  She has authored a number of articles on Goddess Spirituality, the wisdom of the emotions and cultural myths regarding the feminine.  She is currently writing a book that encourages us to question these cultural myths and calls us to create new stories that will take us into the next millenium.


A Registered, Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT200), as well as a certified Kripalu YogaDance Teacher and a Yoga Therapist, Michele has been applying
what she has learned from her experiences to classes and workshops on yoga, meditation, the chakras and the empowerment of women.  As a Director of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training, Michele has also been privileged to guide individuals on their personal journeys of self-discovery and transformation.



Creating Sacred Altars – The Sacred is all around and within us.  But sometimes we need little reminders of this truth.  Creating a sacred space in your home can be something as elaborate as having your own in-home studio or perhaps your own ‘time-out’ room.  If you don’t have these options, creating a portable altar can be a wonderful alternative that allows you to reconnect with your Divine Self wherever you may be. This workshop is limited to 10 people and materials are provided.

Awakening the Wisdom HighwayIn a world that has valued mind over body and spirit over matter, it’s no wonder we’ve become unglued.  Many spiritual traditions urge us to transcend the material world of nature/body and live as some etheric spirit, as if matter doesn’t matter…but it does. Spirit has been given a hierarchical elevation over matter and this has led even the most religious to deny our bodies and the planet the reverence they deserve. Our goal is to even the playing field and give matter, nature, bodies, their much deserved respect. So much of our wisdom exists below the neck and yet we tend to disregard these vast reservoirs of innate intelligence.  In this workshop, we will explore and experience the essential connection between the Belly Mind, Heart Mind and Head Mind through yoga, meditation, breathing, visualization and mindful movement – practices that nourish these relationships and clear the debris from the ‘Wisdom Highway’ that connects the Belly, Heart and Head.