Michele Barnes has been on a journey of self-discovery and asking difficult questions ever since she was a young girl…much to the chagrin of many authority figures.

Michele is passionate about living authentically and honouring the self as an extension of the Earth and a manifestation of the Divine Feminine.  She has authored a number of articles on Goddess Spirituality, the wisdom of the emotions and cultural myths regarding the feminine.  She is currently writing a book that encourages us to question these cultural myths and calls us to create new stories that will take us into the next millenium.


A Registered, Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT200), as well as a certified Kripalu YogaDance Teacher and a Yoga Therapist, Michele has been applying
what she has learned from her experiences to classes and workshops on yoga, meditation, the chakras and the empowerment of women.  As a Director of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training, Michele has also been privileged to guide individuals on their personal journeys of self-discovery and transformation.



Mindfulness – A Path to the ‘I’ of the Storm – In a world where things seem to be spinning out of control, now more than ever we are being called to reconnect and sustain our sense of ‘centre’; for it is at the centre of a storm where things are most calm.  In this workshop we’ll be exploring various Mindfulness-based practices to help you slow down, gain clarity and come back to the ‘I of the storm’.   Yoga mats are recommended.

Chakra Talk:  Navigating the Wisdom Highway – The East Indian concept of the Chakras is a philosophy and practice that teaches us to recognize when we are out of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment and empowers us, through awareness, to come back to a place of harmony.  In this workshop, we’ll explore the physical and psycho-spiritual characteristics of each of the 7 major Chakras, how to identify if any are out of sync and how that may be reflected in our life experiences.  We’ll explore ways to balance them through movement, sounding, journaling and discussion. Bring a journal and writing/colouring tools…and a curious, playful mind!
Early Morning Yoga Before the busyness of the day begins, exploring movement and meditation on your yoga mat can provide you with the guidance to make each day meaningful and fulfilling.  Join Michele for some early morning yoga that will connect you to your ‘womb wisdom’ and start your daily journey from a deep place of ‘knowing’.