Krista Hicks

Krista Hicks has been Bullet Journaling for over 2 years, which started her deep dive into her self-discovery and her spiritual practice. After living in Scotland and Dubai for over 10 years she returned to Canada with a new insight. Since a young age, Krista has always loved stationary, to do lists, planning and reflecting.  Through the bullet journal her spiritual journey blossomed. It has lead her to discover new teachers and leaders that have ultimately brought her to a place where she has a strong grounding in her spirituality. The bullet journal has allowed her to take time for herself, reflect on her life and make changes within her day to bring things more inline with her souls purpose.  It is part of her morning routine that includes yoga, mediation, journaling, affirmations, visualizations, reading and planning.  

Krista has her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy and has worked as a Paediatric Physiotherapist for over 15 years. This vocation has allowed her to meet many souls and learn about many cultures and lifestyles; each one bringing more awareness to Krista’s souls purpose in this lifetime.


Bullet Journaling 101 – Bullet Journaling is a kind of information based journal, with limitless potential for artsy creativity. It helps you to take control of living a life full of intention and awareness and gives you an excuse to flex your creative brain if you get the urge and have some time. There are a million ways to bullet journal, the best one is the way that connects all the things you want at your fingertips, which is different for each of us! Whether you want to keep track of tasks, bills, health, diet, goals, books you’ve read, or meals you’ve eaten, bullet journaling has you covered! Come on out to Bullet Journaling 101 and learn the basics of getting started. Once you get rolling you can grab some colours and get creative. If you already have a bullet journal feel free to bring it along, if not, just show up! Everything you need will be there and you can explore this fun and useful hobby.