Date: Saturday June 27

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: The House in the Woods. Iona. Ontario. Canada.

Cost: $95/person (limited number of participants)

Delicious whole food lunch included.

Journey to Inner Peace and Nourishment

It is so vital to our health to carve out time to Nourish our Selves. Truly, learning to do so is a journey, and it gets easier with practice! Do you enjoy yoga and have interest in deepening your mat time to find more inner peace, not just exercise? Have you had an interest in meditating, and always wondered if you would be able to do it? Does a hectic life leave you very little time to tend your inner garden, where your hopes and dreams and desires bloom? At our Journey to Inner Peace and Nourishment Retreat Day, you will have an opportunity to experience all of that and more!

Yoga with Terri will guide us to loosen our tight spots, soften our breath and deepen our focus. In this serene environment it’s impossible to be anything but relaxed and peaceful. Shannon will take some time to help us to really listen to that wise voice within us, the one with the answers to what would bring a balance of both tranquility and vitality to our lives. Living with authenticity taps into limitless energy to fuel our days and follow our dreams, and it brings tremendous health to our inner body.

This day at the House in the Woods will be a day of stepping out of daily life and stepping into a secluded haven of grass and trees and space to breathe. We shall unplug from schedules and rushing, and be truly present with our SELVES. When a group of women gather, sharing a common intention, it’s quite amazing how amplified the positive energy is!¬†As usual everyone will leave our workshop with something tangible to take home, a reminder of the day spent deepening our connection to ourselves and the wonderful work we did on creating the lives that we want, and remembering to be in the moment, a very relaxing place to be. As always, this event will be as unique as the energy of the women who attend. We are so excited to meet each of you who decide to take some time to Nourish yourself for the day!
Shannon and Terri

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