Try a Nourished Woman Weekend RetreatSoak up the beauty of OntarioGift yourself the gift of Nourishment

Try a Nourished Woman Weekend Retreat

Experience the amazing energy! When women gather, magic happens and memories that last a lifetime are made!

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Soak up the beauty of Ontario

Escape for a Nourished Woman Weekend of amazing workshops and fabulous food!

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Gift yourself the gift of Nourishment

The perfect freedom from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a Nourished Woman Weekend to recharge the soul!

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Jocelyn Drainie

Jocelyn Drainie


Born with a love of rhythm and instruments, Jocelyn uses sound and music to facilitate a creative and fun approach to stress management and grief work both with individuals and group settings. Jocelyn’s ‘user friendly’ approach to music making encourages our natural listening and playing abilities. Jocelyn, mainly self taught, has been improvising since the age of 4, and continues to explore, heal and share her knowledge and appreciation for the music within each of us.

No musical training is required.



Sonic Sound Healing; The Ancient Ritual of Sounding in Community

Sounding in community is an ancient practice used in various cultures throughout the world. When there is a birth, a death or a special right of passage being observed, tribal members come together with the ‘soul’ purpose of offering support for those individuals. Music, rhythm and chant are integral to those rituals.


In a Sonic Medicine Workshop, participants have the opportunity to create a Soundscape, something very different than a drum circle. This is a wonderful opportunity to try a variety of percussion, ambient and rhythm instruments; singing bowls, rainsticks, shakers, rattles, gongs, drums, even a didgeridoo! Becoming comfortable with the ‘user friendly’ instruments is key here. Participants are given lots of time to discover what the various instruments sound like. Next, we transition from focusing on our own learning process in to a collective, intentional sounding community. Our shared purpose is to play for the benefit of the ‘receivers’, those people in our group who sit or lie down to listen to the music. I like to emphasize that as players we are not performing so much as giving the listener a Sound Offering.  With heightened awareness we unite in our ability to create a deeply nurturing sonic experience for others.

Vocal Play; Sounding Our Sacred Voice

So often we shy away from our voices because we don’t sound “perfect”. Lets reframe the demands we make on ourselves to “sound perfect” into sounds that actually move us by touching our heart and soul. This engaging workshop invites us to play with our authentic voice. Your inner critic may want to tag along – and we can create a sound for that too!! No vocal or musical experience required.

The Dreaming- A Live sound Journey
Prepare to be bathed in a gentle wash of healing sound. This live performance, given by our amazing collaborative group “The Dream Weavers”, will sooth your mind and body as you rest comfortably. Sound healing is an incredible experience that will never be forgotten. The benefits of this gorgeous weaving of sound, rhythm and voice will continue to resonate throughout you for days to come. We welcome you to settle in and drift off into the unique soundscape being offered by our talented performers on Saturday evening in the Main Lodge. Please bring yoga mat, pillow, and cozy blanket. Seats will be available for those who choose not to lay down.
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Contact Us

We are based out of Strathroy and London, Ont. We would so love to hear from you! Please feel welcome to drop us a message at Warmly, Terri & Shannon […]

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