Jen PinterJen Pinter (Deva Kirti Kaur) is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Registered Massage Therapist and Educator. She graduated from McMaster with a Bachelor in English and then pursued her Bachelor of Education from Brock University. She travelled and worked in England for several years before returning to Canada to complete her Massage Therapy Degree in London, Ontario. She has operated her own business in Strathroy for 13+ years, incorporating many modalities including CranioSacral into her Massage Therapy Treatments. Her latest addition is Sound Therapy with her 26 inch Gong.  Jen completed her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with the KRI Institute. She has been teaching adult classes, Kundalini Kids classes and Mother/Daughter workshops for the last several years.


Releasing Fear From Our Foundation – Would you like to discover your potential for calm, ease and comfort? Does worry rule your decisions or your desires? Have you found that you hesitate from living your dreams because fear blocks the way? Join Jen and her soothing art of gong playing and yoga in this 3 hour workshop where she will to help you discover what those fears are and how they are holding you back. In this safe space we will identify our inner resistance and work towards releasing fear from our physical bodies, our emotional bodies and our spiritual bodies. Using a gentle but powerful Kundalini Yoga Set we will release fear from our physical bodies. Using a variety of short meditations that you can take home for use in your everyday life, we will bring peace to our emotional bodies. Finally, we will use sound healing in the form of chanting and the vibrations of the Symphonic Gong to bring tranquility to our spiritual bodies. This will allow us to re-enter the world with a safe, empowered, peaceful perspective.

Early Morning Gong Bath – After listening to a short guided meditation, we will immerse ourselves in the sounds of the Gong.  You will be lying down the whole time, soaking up the healing sensations. The Symphonic Gong creates the space for deep relaxation. The vibrations help to release physical and energetic blocks, reduce tension and stimulate circulation. It allows the body to heal on a cellular level. Please bring a yoga mat, blankets, and pillows, anything you need to be comfortable and warm for this deeply nourishing, consciousness expanding experience!