Try a Nourished Woman Weekend RetreatSoak up the beauty of OntarioGift yourself the gift of Nourishment

Try a Nourished Woman Weekend Retreat

Experience the amazing energy! When women gather, magic happens and memories that last a lifetime are made!

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Soak up the beauty of Ontario

Escape for a Nourished Woman Weekend of amazing workshops and fabulous food!

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Gift yourself the gift of Nourishment

The perfect freedom from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a Nourished Woman Weekend to recharge the soul!

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Jen Pinter

Jen PinterJen Pinter (Deva Kirti Kaur) is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Registered Massage Therapist and Educator. She graduated from McMaster with a Bachelor in English and then pursued her Bachelor of Education from Brock University. She travelled and worked in England for several years before returning to Canada to complete her Massage Therapy Degree in London, Ontario. She has operated her own business in Strathroy for 13+ years, incorporating many modalities including CranioSacral into her Massage Therapy Treatments. Her latest addition is Sound Therapy with her 26 inch Gong.  Jen completed her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with the KRI Institute. She has been teaching adult classes, Kundalini Kids classes and Mother/Daughter workshops for the last several years. Her passion for health and wellness is evident in her personal and professional life.


Release, Refresh and Rebirth – In this workshop we will use Kundalini Yoga to help us release stored pain from our physical and energetic bodies. We will refresh ourselves using a beautiful mantra that we will chant together, giving us strength and courage. We will complete our kriya with the opportunity to consciously re-birth ourselves, taking the time to delve deeply into our past and bringing forth only the most peaceful, innocent, loving parts of ourselves that we would like to embrace everyday.  We will use the Symphonic Gong to help us heal every cell in our being and emerge Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful. Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket.

Moon Cycle Wisdom Join us as we delve deeply into the wisdom and mystery of our moon cycle. We will use Kundalini yoga as the vehicle to explore the lunar rhythms that move through us and around us. We will use an ancient breath pattern to regulate the menstrual cycle, creating a clear, radiant aura. (This is useful whether you still actively bleed or have passed into menopause) We will work through a set of Kundalini exercises to bring our emotional and mental states into balance. Jen will use the Symphonic Gong to lead your body into a peaceful, healing relaxation. After learning about how our 11 Moon Centres wax and wane throughout the month, we will finish with a meditation to balance our moon centres. Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket .

Early Morning Gong Bath – After listening to a short guided meditation, we will immerse ourselves in the sounds of the Gong.  You will be lying down the whole time, soaking up the healing sensations. The Symphonic Gong creates the space for deep relaxation. The vibrations help to release physical and energetic blocks, reduce tension and stimulate circulation. It allows the body to heal on a cellular level. Please bring a yoga mat, blankets, pillows, anything you need to be comfortable and warm for this deeply nourishing, consciousness expanding experience!


We love getting feedback and thought we would share some with you.  Here is what some women had to say about Nourished Woman Retreats… FROM BOUNTIFUL GODDESS 2017; “This was […]

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We are based out of Strathroy and London, Ont. We would so love to hear from you! Please feel welcome to drop us a message at Warmly, Terri & Shannon […]

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