Nourished Woman Vaginal Steaming

How to prepare for a Vaginal Steam

What you need;

  • Steam Box
  • Nourished Women Herbs
  • Pot that fits in the Steam Box
  • Small Hand Towel
  • Large Skirt or Blanket
  • Oven mitts
  • Clock or watch

Choose a place that you will not be disturbed to place your Nourished Woman Steam Box, lid up. You may want a small table close by to place things such as a candle, journal, books, music, crystals etc., all optional of course. You are gifting yourself and your sacred temple this time to Nourish all that is your feminine power.

Next you will need to bring approximately 1 litre of water to a boil in your pot. Once boiling add 1/3 cup of herbs, cover and simmer on low for ten minutes.

Using oven mitts if necessary, transfer the pot to the Steam Box and remove pot lid.  Place Steam Box lid back down and test temperature by placing a wrist or inner elbow over the hole. You may need to let the herbs cool. Note: Not all pots will fit in the box. If you do not have a pot that fits in the Steam Box, you can find a vessel that does fit and pour boiling water in it while steeping the herbs in the pot to warm the vessel.  Once the herbs are ready you can dump the boiling water out of the vessel and add the steeped herb mixture to the vessel either while in the box already or before putting in the box. Thrift stores are a great place to look for inexpensive options for a pot.

Position yourself standing above the box and slowly lower yourself down being mindful of the temperature. It should feel very warm but in no way should it feel painful or unpleasant. Allow to cool further if it is still too hot.

If you are not wearing a large skirt, once you are seated you can wrap a blanket or sheet around you to keep the steam in.  Try to make a seal with your body over the Steam Box hole. You may also want to have a shawl or blanket for your upper body and in winter months cozy socks are great! By no means do you need to wrap/cover yourself. If you are generally a heaty person feel free to sit bare on the box.

Take note of the time.

Now take a deep breath and invite the Steam and the Healing Power of the herbs into your womb.  Notice any sensations which may arise. You may choose to sit and observe or you may choose to journal your experiences and emotions, it is totally up to you but we do recommend that you leave cell phones and other distractions in another room so that you can take in this experience fully.

Steams can last anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on what you are trying to achieve or what your personal protocol calls for.  When you have reached the time set for your steam or your intuition tells you your experience is complete, slowly get up from the Steam Box and if the you have the time, find a place to lie down(optional). Don’t allow yourself to become chilled, wrap yourself in warm blankets or dress in warm clothes.  Place your hands over your womb and once again notice any sensations or feelings that arise.

To give thanks to the herbs return them to the earth by either composting them or adding the cooled water and herbs to a garden.

If you have any questions or would like to share your steaming experience, please feel free to share at  This email address is only monitored by Shannon and Terri and all your information will be kept strictly confidential.

Happy Steaming!