Elizabethe Vick

Elizabethe offers practical tools that empower her students to become conscious participants in their own healing and growth in order to embrace a meaningful and purposeful life. Her vision is to use her guidance to help shed what no longer serves, to focusing on the inner journey with an open and loving heart. Her hope is that students take away something that they can integrate and project into their everyday living and the lives of others.

Elizabethe is grateful to share this incredible and transformational journey with others. To empower and guide individuals from the head to the heart into deeply honouring and nourishing themselves



Goddesses emerging through Belly dancing

Belly dancing is a form of expression of your life, passion of being a woman and of dancing from your heart. Belly dancing is an excellent way to bond with your sistas and your own being. Unite the mind and body with your spirit and the soul of the dancer within you. Learn some of the basic moves and put it together into a routine.

No experience needed!

CAUTION this workshop has been know to open your inner child and be filled with laughter and fun!!!


Mediation Made Easy

Meditation can be a scary word meaning to sit still and not move for long periods of time… We will “learn” to allow ourselves the opportunity to be still

No experience needed!