christine dennis

Christine has a Master of Science degree from the University of Wales (MSc.) in the UK. This is the highest herbal medicine qualifications available in the world. She is one of only a small handful of people in all of North America with this specific level of herbal medicine training and education.

Christine considers herself to be an eclectic herbalist having had a balance of bio-medical, traditional and energetic herbal medicine training as well as a great deal of hands on experience in the field.

Living on an organic farm allows Christine the perfect opportunity for her home based office, and giving herbal walks and talks as well as at other locations around southern Ontario.


Herbal Energetics – Herbal Energetics is an ancient system used to understand the language of plants that many cultures around the world have used, and whose wisdom was handed down over the generations by the medicine women, shamans, witch doctors or sages. It is a way of knowing the plant’s energy and therefore how to match it up with a person’s condition, that goes beyond symptom cover up and gets down to the roots of the dis-ease processes. With herbal energetics, the medicinal properties of herbs include the tastes, the heating and cooling aspects, the moistening and drying aspects, their properties and chemistry and their essences. In this workshop, our exploring will give us a way of “knowing” the plants more intimately vs just memorizing what we have read about them.

Herbal Medicine Making – In this hands-on workshop we will discuss how to make herbal salves. They are so super easy to make at home with no special equipment needed.  We will discuss using both fresh and dried herbs as well as discuss some of the most common herbs and herb blends for a variety of salves such a wound salves and pain salves. Then together we will make a salve to take home!