Currently our facilitating rosters are full for the next two retreats but if you have a passion for wellness, an idea, talent or gift you want to share we’d still love hear from you!  We keep all applications on file for retreats in the future. Part of our goal with these workshops is to create a larger network of talented women.  We encourage our facilitators to have a “sign up” for your email list or newsletter at their workshops to help grow their own passion.

What does being a facilitator involve;

The workshops are 1.5 hours in length.  We expect 110-130 women to attend the retreat.  Several workshops will be running at any given time so you can expect anywhere from 10-50 women attending your workshop.  If you have a maximum number of participants please state that in the application form. We are looking for facilitators to do two workshops each if possible.  We may ask that you help with the opening and closing ceremonies.  When you are not facilitating you are able to enjoy other workshops and participate in the weekend events.  We cover the weekend cost for our facilitators including accommodation and food and pay you for your commitment, this amount is determined by the venue and can range from $150-200 for the first workshop and $100-$150 for any there after.  We will ask that you help spread the word by hanging posters/flyers, adding the retreat to your own web calendars if applicable, promoting that you will be facilitating at the retreat through social media and in general helping to spread the call to gather the women.  As a facilitator you also have first dibs at booking space in the Healing Oasis to offer services there.

Let us hear your ideas!