Bonnie Stevenson

Reiki Master
Crystal practitioner
Access Consciousness Bars & Body Process facilitator.
I set my intention for this sisterhood gathering to receiving the bounty of the sacred space provided, revel in the beauty of nature and enjoy the commaraderie of my sisters.
As practitioner, I can delve into all manner of energy and love to play with intuitive hands-on magick. I have a wonderful symbiosis with crystals; like our connection to Source, their energy allows us to connect on many different levels. What do you know you know? What else is possible…now?
I will be offering Bars sessions (1 hour) for $120/session and gifting an added Body process during the session at no extra cost to the Nourished Women collective! (Help kick those Covid-19 fears)
How does it get any better than that?
Access Bars are like 32 acupressure points around the head and ears that when “accessed” act like a computer defrag for your brain.
“Access Bars release the electromagnetic charge of thought, feelings and emotions holding limitation in place, sometimes… over lifetimes in your body. Access Bars delete all of the limiting points of views, allowing you access to your consciousness”
You can find out a little more about me at the following links:
I am only offering four sessions during this retreat. If there are Night Owls in the group, I may be convinced to offer a further session just before midnight either Friday or Saturday.
During registration Friday: 3pm – 4pm and 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Two evening sessions Friday and Saturday from 9:30pm – 10:30pm (PJ’s recommended)
Email and E-transfer info:
Contact me at this email to reserve your session or for further possibilities.