Ann is a Reiki Master who uses many forms of Vibrational Therapy in conjunction with Crystal Singing Bowls. She helps others balance and harmonize their body in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. Crystal Singing Bowls are Ann’s favourite modality of Vibrational Therapy. She has used them to help others for over 20 years.

Soul Zipper Crystal Bowl Meditation
Ann invites you to feel safe, accepted and loved unconditionally.
Enjoy an hour-long guided meditation during which you will unlock your chakras and examine the safety in which you have lived until now. You will be guided to increase your feelings of safety.
Once your chakras have been closed the revised base of safety will affect your future.
The tones and sounds which come into being are in direct response to the needs of those in attendance. By creating a safe and sacred space, the crystal singing bowls allow us to lift into a state of altered consciousness where deep healing can occur.


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