Three years ago, Andrea Meharg, a mom of two young boys, a wife and an elementary school teacher fell into a deep depression that left her in bed for months. She tried everything to get better including medication, meditation, exercise, therapy and more, but nothing worked. For Christmas, she was given a baggie of cannabis by a friend who thought it might help. It did. Cannabis changed everything for Andrea, allowing her to climb out of depression and then to change literally everything about her life. Now, as a certified Cannabis Coach and Educator, she’s passionate about teaching you how you can use cannabis to live a happier healthier life. You can find her dishing out awesome cannabis education every week on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. She also offers private consultations, group classes and e-courses over at Go check her out!


Finding the Right Cannabis for You – You may have heard that cannabis can help with sleep, pain, depression, anxiety, arthritis, menopause and more, but how do you know what kind to buy? In this informative workshop with Andrea, you’ll learn how to choose exactly the right strains of cannabis and products so that you can start feeling better now. You’ll also gain a firm understanding of why and how cannabis and CBD work in your body which can really help to break down the stigma that’s attached to this healing plant medicine. You’ll leave with a handy PDF, so no need to even take notes.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter and Oil – Learn to make cannabis-infused butter, oil, MCT and so much more in this fun, hands-on workshop. You’ll learn all the best tips and tricks to make sure your fat-based infusions ALWAYS work out. Most people assume that you need special skills or equipment to make cannabis creations, but it’s much easier than that. With just the tools you already have in your kitchen, and some nice cannabis buds, you’ll soon be infusing everything with cannabis. Cooking with cannabis is a fantastic way to save money as well. You’ll be surprised how inexpensively you can make healthy edibles and oils (and they make great gifts!) Andrea will teach you the basics on cooking with this amazing herb: decarboxylation, dosing, making infusions and cooking with infused butters and oils. You’ll get all the recipes and there’s loads of time built in to get your questions answered. By the time the workshop is over, you’ll feel confident in your new infusion skills and ready to get started.