Alison Dale is a writer and musician from Stratford who believes that creative expression is as a path to wellness and joy. She offers workshops that inspire others to reach into their own wells and draw up hidden treasures. Alison loves witnessing the magic that happens when people express themselves through words and music. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies, most recently in The Magic of Memoir: Inspiration for the Writing Journey (available on Amazon). She also sings and performs with a variety of music ensembles, and offers music exploration classes to adults with special needs.


Journal as Labyrinth – Journaling is like walking the labyrinth to the core of yourself. Finding your way to that core is a powerful form of meditation and self-intimacy (into-me-see). This workshop offers fun and effective tools to help you step right around obstacles that come up when you think of journaling. It’s simpler than you think, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll have to say (even if you don’t think you will).

Bring a pen, a journal and an open mind and heart. The synergy of the group will safely support and hold space for you while you journey inward for the buried treasures you didn’t know you had.

Memoir and Creative Writing Wordshop: Your Life, Your Lens, Your Legacy – While journaling takes you inside and is often for your eyes only, you have a unique way of seeing things through those eyes, and you are full of stories! This workshop will give you space to craft some of your life’s raw material into vivid stories that can bring insight, healing and inspiration to others, and be a legacy for your loved ones. We will explore techniques that bring your experiences to life, and spend time writing slices of the life you’ve lived, and glimpses into the things that matter most to you.