Alison Dale is a writer and musician from Stratford who believes that creative expression is as a path to wellness and joy. She offers workshops that inspire others to reach into their own wells and draw up hidden treasures. Alison loves witnessing the magic that happens when people express themselves through words and music. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies, most recently in The Magic of Memoir: Inspiration for the Writing Journey (available on Amazon). She also sings and performs with a variety of music ensembles, and offers music exploration classes to adults with special needs.


Journal As Sacred Space, Personal Sanctuary & Creative Playground – In this 3 hour workshop we will explore:

-journal as sacred container and sanctuary space

-journaling is as a sacred path to the centre of ourselves

-becoming your own sacred witness

-writing for wellness and for the joy of knowing yourself deeply

-ways to feel safe and maintain privacy when expressing raw, personal truth

-the journal as a creative incubator for fuller, personal stories and memoir

-different approaches to journaling

-memoir and spiritual autobiography

-techniques of fiction for bringing personal stories to life

The workshop will provide safe, supportive space and include time to write, reflect and discuss topics of interest. Group synergy will prompt new and deeper connections with oneself and others, and allow for personal insight and discovery. You have more to say than you realize, and you will be surprised to find out how much personal treasure lies within.

Bring a journal, a pen, an open heart, and an open mind – especially toward yourself!