Camp Kintail offers a variety of accommodation styles, from cabins nestled in the woods to dorm and hotel style rooms in their newer building, The Nest. Below you will find details about each style that is available. If you are coming with friends and would like to be in the same room/cabin please indicate that on the registration form. We try to put like sleepers together and you will find a sleeping preferences option on the registration form.


Due to our max capacity of 50 this Spring, Cabins are available for singles, doubles and groups of up to six women.

There is a beautiful serenity to be found sleeping in a warm dry cabin, with electricity *wink*, set back within gorgeous wooded surroundings. The sounds of the birds, the lake, the swaying trees; it’s therapy at it’s most simple and effective. The cabins are very clean and modest accommodations with adult size bunk beds, bedding is not supplied.  The cabins sleep 6 people in bottom bunks, have large windows, front and back doors, and all with front porches! Bathrooms for the cabins are a short distance away in several locations. Additionally, in “The Nest” you will find individual shower rooms for comfort and ease of use and at the main lodge, there are spacious bathrooms with showers and full vanities.


The Dorm Rooms can be found in the recently built building known as “The Nest”. The rooms are spacious rooms accommodating up to 6 women. They have an en-suite bathroom that includes a vanity and sink area, shower room and toilet room allowing multiple women to use the bathroom at the same time. The beds are twin beds, please bring your own bedding/sleeping bag.


The hotel-style rooms are also found in the recently built “Nest”. Offering more privacy, these double occupancy rooms have a queen bed and a single bed. Please bring your own bedding/sleeping bag. Theses rooms have an ensuite bathroom including a shower and your own climate control. All the hotel-style rooms are accessible from inside the building as well as an exterior entrance shared with one other hotel-style room. If you are coming alone we will pair you up with another single participant.

There is also the option of bringing your own tent if you wish. You can find this option on the registration form.