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Vaginal Steaming;

Welcome to the Ancient Art of Vaginal Steaming, we are here to show you all you need to know! This tried and true, EFFECTIVE and affordable practice is finally making a comeback in North America. Women are tired of living with discomfort or masking symptoms, and there is a BETTER SOLUTION. Also called the Yoni Steam, V-steam or Peri-Steam, we have the tools to help you take charge of your personal healing and bring LASTING EASE and COMFORT to your life. Please head on over to our Steaming Page for more info.

Women’s Retreats;

Nourished Woman Retreat planning is currently on hold as we attempt to navigate these ever changing mandates and regulations.

These retreats are an amazing opportunity to join a welcoming sisterhood of women who are invested in enriching their lives by stepping out of the busy-ness of the daily grind. Gifting themselves the chance to breathe, to focus, and to bring self care in as a priority. With a collaboration of talented women sharing their skills and knowledge in the many facets of health, wellness and vitality, attending a Nourished Woman Retreat will give you a boost of energy, self confidence and new knowledge.

We will be tending our Inner Garden and discovering new wisdom and fresh tools for expansion in life. Make new friendships with women who share similarities and an opportunity to be truly IN THE MOMENT for an entire weekend!

Nourish your body and soul with the delicious catered meals coming out of the kitchen. (Whether that be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or paleo, the options are endless and your belly will be full with healthy food!) Over the weekend you will fuel your spirit with the rich energy of nature, and exercise your mind as you choose from the wide variety of workshops included in these fabulous getaways! It will be hard to choose as there are so many fantastic options! Delight your senses with whatever calls to you, even if that is simply a blanket on the beach or under a tree.

A Nourished Woman Retreat is an opportunity to step out of the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is a time for you to let go of responsibilities and stresses and just relax into peace and calm. Several workshops run at once. You can choose what appeals to you at each time slot, no need to plan ahead! This is a wonderful time to get away with good friends, or to go solo and have some time just for you.

There is no denying that when women gather, magic happens. The journey within has the most beautiful scenery. Explore your talents, expand your horizons, and join us for a weekend of positive energy! We can’t wait to light the fire and see the sisterhood blossom. Welcome!